XXL Die-Cut Logo Sticker - White



This is the monster of Ski The East stickers. At 18" wide by 17" tall this beast can be seen from outer space. Represent with the slogan that sums up what you're all about: SKI THE EAST... for life.

Optimum placements include:
Car, Truck or Van Window
Ski Box
The Wall

Order Includes: 1 XXL Die-Cut Ski The East Wordmark Sticker

• Carefully clean the surface with water and/or windex and paper towel
• Place sticker on indoors or wait for above-freezing temps if outdoors (warmer sticks better)
• For this XXL sticker it works best if you CUT THE STICKER INTO THE 3 SEPARATE WORDS before applying to any surface. This will ensure that each word goes on as clean as possible with out bubbles or warping. It's much easier to put 3 smaller stickers on, than one huge one... trust us.
• Stick each word from the bottom up applying even pressure with your fingers and work your way up to the top of each sticker, then move onto the next.
• Sit back and bask in the glory of this gorgeous work of art

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